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  • What can I expect when picking up my dog from daycare or boarding?
    Expect they will be tired! They will have been playing with friends all day or for several days, and they will want to nap when they get home. That is after they tackle you in our front lobby from excitment. Some dogs are very thirtsy when they get home, this is normal, the excitment of a long day or stay and they need to hydrate.
  • What should I pack for boarding?
    As little or as much as you would like. We want your pup to be comfortable so if they have a favorite toy or blankie, please feel free to bring it. Don't forget food, treats and any medications they are currently taking. All rooms are equipped with a cot style bed, suites have full and king size beds. We also provide food and water bowls that are cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day.
  • When can I drop off and pick up for boarding?
    Drop off and pick up is during regular business hours, you are welcome to drop off or pick up at any time. If you need to drop off outside of our regular business hours please call our front desk to arrange a special drop off time.
  • What vaccinations are required?
    All dogs need to have an updated Rabies and Distemper vaccinine, we suggest Bortetella (Kennel Cough), though understand some owners choose not to vaccinate against that. For those individuals we require a waiver to be signed prior to admittance.
  • I'm interested in daycare for my dog.
    Please give our offices a call at 603-606-1348. Press 1 for Manchester, and press 2 for Weare.
  • I'm interested in boarding for my dog.
    Please give our Manchester office a call at 603.606.1348 to set up any boarding for your pet. Thanks!
  • I'm interested in grooming for my dog.
    Please give our Manchester office a call at 603.606.1348 to set up grooming appointments for your pet. Thanks!
  • Can I bring my dog to either location for daycare?
    Yes! If they are accepted into one facility, they are accepted at the other as well.
  • Which vaccinations are required?
    We require up-to-date Rabies, Distemper, and we highly recommend the Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine. If you wish to not have your dog receive the kcv, we do have a waiver available.
  • Is The Dog Club hiring?
    Feel free to send a copy of your resume to us at Thanks!
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