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The Dog Club (Manchester & Weare locations) offers daycare options to fit your dog's needs!

Through required temperament testing on initial visit, we determine if your dog is best suited for full group play, partial group play, or individual play. 


Full Group Play 

Your dog is admitted into the group setting and placed with other dogs of like size and temperament. The groups stay together throughout the day and go inside and outside together. 


Partial Group

Your dog takes a little while to warm up to group play and does best when they have breaks from the group. Your pup will be brought into group when both your dog and intended group is calm and will continue to stay in the play group until they exhibit signs of overstimulation, or they are going home. 


Individual Play

Your dog still gets the socialization and play time but on a one-to-one basis with one of our club members. They are not placed with other dogs but rather spend time inside and outside on an individual basis. 


Puppy Daycare 

We understand the critical importance of socialization for puppies. Our facility offers a puppies-only space for young pups to be able to learn how to be in a group setting and learning the proper ways of playing with other dogs. As daycare can be exhausting for puppies, we provide nap times away from the group setting to allow them to rest and reenergize. We understand that some puppies require a lunch during the day and parents are welcome to bring that for their pup. 

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